What Are the Best Eyebrow Stencils for Defined Arches?


What Are the Best Eyebrow Stencils for Defined Arches?

I won’t pretend that I am a natural in terms of shaping my eyebrows. Although I am a beauty specialist who may help you discover the best brow pencil of your life, I am far from a professional in terms of the actual application. The only thing making filling in my brows a little easier? Using eyebrow stencils.

Eyebrow Stencils: What are they?

When the majority of folks imagine stencils, they imagine patterns that people use in the creation of artwork—templates they might trace to develop many kinds of artistic pieces. An eyebrow stencil works in very much the same way. The user places a stencil on their face then follows the given pattern to draw the shape using mascara or an eyebrow pencil, trimming their eyebrows to develop the desired shape.

Essentially, stencils are a real game-changer for people like me who cannot fill in their own eyebrows. Therefore, if you need a bit of help, do yourself a big favor and shop for one of the below best eyebrow stencils. I promise you will not regret it. But first, let’s talk about how to use an eyebrow stencil.


How to Use an Eyebrow Stencil

In order to use an eyebrow stencil, clean your eyebrows and then trim any extremely long hairs before brushing your eyebrows in the direction they usually grow. Then, place your selected stencil on your face, and line it up with the natural growth of one of your eyebrows. Next, holding the eyebrow stencil in place, trace the stencil shape’s outline onto your face. The stencil occasionally will mark an extremely thin shape. If this happens, you might use your mascara or eyebrow pencil to fill in the shape instead of tracing the outline.

When you trace the stencil shape, remove the stencil from your face, being careful to avoid smudging your handiwork. Then, use a grooming method to remove any hairs outside the stenciled eyebrow. For instance, you might pluck the extra hairs out or make use of wax to remove them. If you find that your eyebrow shape requires more refinement, you might retrace the stencil again. Lastly, follow up the use of stencils by using eyebrow tweezers to take away all remaining stray hairs.

How to Use Eyebrow Stencils: A Step-by-Step Guide


Do Eyebrow Stencils Actually Work?

Yes, stencils may sound like something you would view on a midnight infomercial; however, they are actually legit. Even better, they are so easy to use (as is evident by LakiaStar’s YouTube tutorial above). Begin by finding an eyebrow stencil matching your aesthetic (are you looking for something defined and full? Soft and low-key?), lining up the stencil with the natural brows, and softly holding it in position with your index fingers and thumb.

Next, using your free hand, fill your brows in with whatever products you commonly use (ensuring that you do not get anything outside the stencil), and then repeat on the opposite part using the same stencil. When you are all set, remove the eyebrow stencil and get ready to admire your work. Sounds simple, right?


Find the Best Eyebrow Stencil for Your Needs

When it comes to finding the best eyebrow stencil for you, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, think about what size of stencil would be most appropriate for your eyebrows - smaller or thinner brows may require a smaller sized stencil; whereas thicker and bushier brows can benefit from a larger one. Secondly, consider the shape of your desired arch - different eyebrow stencils come with various shapes, so pick one that complements your face shape and overall style.

Another thing to keep in mind is how easy the product is to use. Look for an eyebrow stencil that has a comfortable grip and will stay firmly in place when you're plucking your eyebrows - this will ensure that you get the perfect arch every time! Lastly, make sure that the product is made from quality materials and won't cause any irritation or damage to your skin. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect eyebrow stencil for your needs!


Okay, now what you came here for—read further for the best eyebrow stencils to shop for:


Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils: Best Stencils for First-Timers

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils

At ULTA BEAUTY for around $20

This set of 5 stencils from Anastasia Beverly Hills is an excellent starting point for beginners. You receive various sizes (think: full arch, medium arch, petite arch, etc.) and their thick plastic means it is possible to re-use and clean them as often as you want. Extra tip: It’s even possible to use them to help you pluck your eyebrows.


Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit: Best Stencil & Contour Kit

Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit
Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit

At Amazon for around $30

Gone are those days of rummaging through your cosmetic bag to locate your powders and eyebrow pencils—this kit has every brow product you’d ever imagine in a single convenient palette. Besides 5 brow stencils, it’s also available with 6 eyebrow powders, a cream concealer, a highlighter, tweezers, setting wax, and an eyebrow spoolie/brush. Consider your eyebrows handled! 


Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils: Best Drugstore Brow Stencils 

Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils
Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils

At Walmart for around $13

Do not feel like paying a lot of money on brow stencils? No problem—this drugstore choice from Ardell is as good as its more expensive counterparts. The pack is available with 4 stencil shapes (classic, glamorous, elegant, and delicate), and its plastic is lightweight enough that it will not mess up your foundation or stick to your skin.


Amariver Brow Stencils W/ Handle & Strap: Best Brow Stencil W/ Handle

Amariver Brow Stencils With Handle & Strap
Amariver Brow Stencils With Handle & Strap

At Amazon for around $7

If you experience a difficult time holding your brow stencil steadily, you will appreciate the genius handle on this product. It’s available with 8 reusable styles, as well as a flexible handle sitting directly over the user’s nose (which allows you to spend more time concentrating on the shaping of your eyebrows).


BQ Hair Brow Stencil Set: Best Brow Stencil Stickers

BQ Hair Brow Stencil Set
BQ Hair Brow Stencil Set

At Amazon for $17 

If a bulky handle is not really your thing, your next choice is this pack of brow stencil stickers. Its adhesive is ultra-gentle (it is possible to peel them off and then reuse them); however, they’ll stay on long enough for virtually hands-free application. The kit is available with a multi-use eyebrow pencil and 36 stickers.


Salon Perfect Eyebrow Powder & Stencil Combination: Best Brow Stencil & Powder Kit

Salon Perfect EyeBrow Powder & Stencil Combination
Salon Perfect EyeBrow Powder & Stencil Combination

At Walmart for around $8

Not looking for a fancy contour kit, yet still looking for something extra for your brow stencil? Try this eyebrow stencil and powder combination that’s available with 4 stencils, an eyebrow brush, as well as a universal brown powder. 


How To Pick the Right Stencil

Several Shapes

The proper brow shape for you depends on the shape of your face. However, stencils may turn out very differently than they look like they would; therefore, having variety is good for when you are starting with brow stencils. According to beauty experts, “Just like a hairstyle, certain eyebrows work better for certain facial structures.” Because it might be a challenge to discern the shape of your face, having several eyebrow shapes to select from may help you discover which one looks better on you.


High-Quality Material

If you have plans on regularly shaping your eyebrows, it is good to bear in mind that your eyebrow stencil will not be used just one time. In the case of stickers, of course, their disposable nature cannot be avoided, yet for all other kinds of stencils, you will want to pick a high-quality material that feels and looks like it can withstand regular and multiple uses. If something feels extremely stiff or like it easily will fall apart or crack, it won’t easily be held up against your facial area, and it may not last long.


Other Tools

For ones who already have a variety of brow filler materials available, it is less important, yet for any person just starting out with shaping their eyebrows, a set including a number of tools is extremely useful. Some eyebrow shaper stencils are available with concealer, tweezers, powders, brushes, etc. It’s especially helpful if you are not certain what your favorite tools are going to be for eyebrow shaping, and you want to have the ability to try out various looks and colors.


Your Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

How do I pick a brow color to use with my stencil?

Your brow color should directly correspond to the color of your hair. According to beauty experts, “You should go exactly one shade lighter than the color of your hair for your eyebrows. If you attempt to match your eyebrow color precisely to the color of your hair, you’ll run the risk of it appearing unnatural, which is the opposite of your desired effect." Even if you have jet black hair, you should get a pen that’s in the brown family.


What shape should my brows be?

Your eyebrow shape must be determined by your face’s shape. A heart-shaped face looks better with fuller, fluffier shapes, whereas a diamond-shaped face benefits from a curved eyebrow that has an angled arch. According to beauty experts, “To correctly determine the shape of your face, measure your face length, cheekbones, jawline and forehead.”


Can you make your own eyebrow stencil?

It is possible to create your own brow stencil; however, odds are that it could be more troublesome than simply buying one. Because you will need to purchase the proper materials for the stencil, it is not a free option. Plus, because you will have to take some time to cut them into seamless shapes, so it might be too time consuming. Brow stencils are affordable, and the majority may be used multiple times; therefore, while you might create a brow stencil, it is not actually in your best interest to do so.


How do I use a brow stencil template?

A brow stencil template is supposed to be used so that you fill the blank space in over your brows. This means the plastic (or other type of material) will be going around the brow, and you’ll draw in your brow in which the area is empty. Besides drawing in your brows where you do not have any within the template space, it’s also possible to use an eyebrow gel to keep the natural brows sitting in the proper direction and shape to best blend in with the areas you draw on.


How to use eyebrow stencils to pluck?

Eyebrow stencils are your best friends when it comes to eyebrow plucking! Choose one that suits your desired eyebrow shape and size for the most precise outline. Place the stencil on your brows, making sure that it fits snugly against your skin and is in line with the arch of your eyebrow. Next, load up a tweezer with some wax and start snipping away any pesky hairs outside of the eyebrow stencil shape. Finally, use a spoolie brush to soften out all edges to achieve those perfectly shaped brows you always wanted in no time - eyebrow stencils make it so easy! With just a few simple steps, you can have expertly-plucked eyebrows like a pro. For the full tutorial, you can check "How to Use Eyebrow Stencils for Plucking?" article.


Guys. Looking for a unique Christmas or birthday gift for that special lady in your life? Or perhaps there’s a member of your family who could really use this convenient product to make their life easier when getting dressed for work or school? Or perhaps you just want to get them for yourself? These eyebrow stencils are the way to go!